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Thirty-five years ago, there was only one car in Dubai. Just one. In the span of a few decades, a place that was largely a fishing village and desert has become a booming, ultra-modern, progressive and prosperous city. Its inhabitants are a cultural melting pot of over three million people from more than 200 nations.

Located in the UAE, Dubai has also emerged as a premier vacation destination for solo travelers, couples, families or even groups. In 2017, the city welcomed nearly 16 million visitors.

With a reputation for being an exotic, incredibly safe, and captivating tourist destination, Dubai is a busy, thriving, family-oriented city, and a great vacation spot for many occasions:
HoneymoonsFamily vacations & celebrationsGraduation tripsGirls' trips (where women will feel safe)Group adventures Winter holidaysSolo travelers
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The city offers luxurious hotels to fit any budget, opulent all-inclusive resorts, incredible food, exquisite beaches, desert ex…

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