Dubai Nightlife: The Best in the World

Imagine incredible, chic, ultra-modern hotspots with miles of dance floor that rival or even surpass the extravagance and grandeur of Las Vegas. Imagine a making new friends from around the world, and dancing the night away without bar fights or conflict, because everyone behaves themselves.

Welcome to Dubai at night.

Nike SA AE

As it happens, drinking in public is against the law for tourists unless you are specifically in a hotel bar, lounge or nightclub. It is also illegal to exhibit drunken behavior.

While these laws may strike some as harsh, stricter laws guarantee that crime is kept to a minimum. Subsequently, Dubai is a city where adults can be assured they'll  have a great and SAFE night out, without public drunkenness, fighting and the inappropriate behavior that can often ensue after overindulging.

Remove any chance of hooliganism and misbehaviour, and what's left is a wide array of upscale nightclubs and chic hot spots in arguably the safest city in the world for night life. You are free to get your boogie on in a fun, safe, and upbeat environment with a congenial, peaceful international vibe. On that note...

The following is a list of the hottest night spots and lounges in Dubai. List is updated regularly.
Crowd: 25 & up
Location:  J.W. Marriott Marquis Dubai, Business Bay, 71st & 72nd Floor
Happy Hour every evening from 4:00 - 8:00pm. Tuesday is Ladies Night at the Vault! Ladies drink free! Enjoy good music, good company, and a magnificent view of Dubai from this laid-back, chic lounge located inside the world's tallest hotel.


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