Must-See: In and Around the Dubai Mall

When we posted our travel tips for coming to Dubai, we suggested packing very light, but also mentioned that both Emirates and Etihad Airways allow each traveler two suitcases free of charge.

Adventurers, behold. The Dubai Mall is the reason you will absolutely need that second suitcase.

Opened in 2008, Dubai Mall is the second-largest indoor mall on the planet. With four floors, this immaculately-maintained shopping and leisure complex is located in Downtown Dubai, and is home to world-class shopping at more than 1300 specialty, high-end designer retailers, restaurants and other services. 




This vast shopping complex also offers a host of entertainment and leisure entertainment options, such as an ice skating rink; an indoor ski resort; a Virtual Reality Theme Park that rivals a full day at the real thing; and the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, one of the most captivating attractions Dubai has to offer.


Located on the ground level of the mall, it houses more than 140 different aquatic animals, including Sand Tiger Sharks and rays. Visitors can take a ride on a glass-bottom boat where they can get a unique view of the aquarium from under your feet. Experience a thrilling 48-meter walk-through and underwater tunnel, where visitors will get a 270-degree view of stunning marine life. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, they even offer a Shark Dive. If you're not, there's always a serene cage-snorkeling experience.

Situated just across the mall on Burj Lake, you'll see Souk Al-Bahar, also known as the "sailor's market." This stunning, Arabian-themed souk offers more than 100 shops, with multiple places to buy reasonably-priced souvenirs. With over 20 restaurants, cafes and lounges, the souk is a perfect location to sit and enjoy the entertainment around the mall, like the world-famous dancing Dubai Fountain show, that runs every 15 to 20 minutes to a variety of different types of music in multiple languages.

Take a peek at a sampling of the legendary dancing fountain show and the Burj Khalifa light show that takes place daily just outside the Dubai Mall.

Many hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the Dubai Mall, so make sure you inquire when researching accommodations.


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