Packing and Preparation

In preparation for an incredible holiday, Colour Me Dubai has a few tips for adventurers to ensure the best possible experience.

Hire a reputable house and/or pet sitter.



1. Dubai has hot weather all year long, so you'll want to pack light. Fill each suitcase no more than a third of their capacity with thin, breathable clothing. It is always recommended that you have a light sweater on hand in case you get chilly during the journey; however, once you arrive in Dubai, you'll never need it, and it barely ever rains.

2. Roll items rather than fold. This allows for even more space in your luggage.

3. In addition, pack an EMPTY carry-on bag into your barely-filled luggage. Rather than have a  carry-on bag on board as you head into Dubai, bring a larger purse or backpack for personal items and in-flight essentials. By the time your holiday is over and you've experienced the city's world-class shopping, you will return home with suitcases and your carry-on bag filled to capacity.

4. Do your body a huge favour, and bring good quality walking/running shoes. Dubai does everything big...and tall, so you'll do lots of walking - in the malls, during excursions, and other activities. Don't chance a long day of walking in thin sandals and/or flip-flops.  Click below to shop Nike for the perfect shoes and sportswear for your vacation.

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If you do purchase new shoes for this vacation, be sure to break those shoes in before your journey. Wear them at least two weeks prior to arrival to ensure maximum comfort. And remember, the hotels have fantastic spas if you need help recovering.

5. Unless it's absolutely necessary, leave your shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and other heavier toiletries at home. Dubai is a luxury city, so hotels offer higher-end toiletries and products that are a delight to use. Plus, it leaves extra room in your luggage for souvenirs!

6. If you must pack the above-mentioned toiletries, seal them in a zip-loc bag to avoid spillage in your luggage.

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7. Remember that Dubai is a conservative city. Out of respect for the culture, it is recommended that you not to pack clothing items that are too revealing. For example, tank tops are acceptable, but be sure they don't reveal cleavage. Bikinis are acceptable - on the beach or at the pool, but be sure to pack a cover-up for your swimsuit to be properly covered when leaving these areas. 

8. Do not pack e-cigarettes. They are illegal in Dubai, and not allowed in checked luggage or carry-ons. Airport security checks are thorough; and if they are found, they will be confiscated.


Laws in the UAE allow for ladies to feel particularly safe when visiting Dubai. Randomly addressing women in public and sexual harassment is an offense that can result in imprisonment or deportation. In addition, unknown visitors will never be allowed beyond the lobby of any hotel.

In public areas, photography is allowed, but it is important to ask permission if you want to photograph individuals, shops, vendors, etc. Failing to follow this rule will result in a fine.

Banggood WW 

Visitors may bring in a limited amount of alcohol from the duty-free, but don't forget, drinking in public is illegal, unless you are in a hotel bar or nightclub.

Public displays of affection are against the law in Dubai (this also includes in nightclubs). It is not uncommon to see married couples holding hands in public places, but you will never see anything beyond that. Kissing and petting in public is seen as an offense to public decency. In addition, sex or nudity on the beach will land you in jail.

Dresslily WW

Be advised that aggressive behaviour and swearing in public can also land you in jail and/or deported. To ensure a fabulous time in Dubai, exercise good manners and decorum, and do not break their laws.

Have any questions? Leave them in the comment section below! (Note: this is a fun and friendly forum, please keep it clean and courteous.)


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