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Not so long ago, there was only one car in Dubai. Just one. In the span of a few decades, a place that was largely a fishing village and desert has become a booming, ultra-modern, progressive and prosperous city. Its inhabitants are a cultural melting pot of over three million people from more than 200 nations.

Located in the UAE, Dubai has also emerged as a premier vacation destination for solo travelers, couples, families or even groups. In 2017, the city welcomed nearly 16 million visitors.

With a reputation for being an exotic, incredibly safe, and captivating tourist destination, Dubai is a busy, thriving, family-oriented city, and a great vacation spot for many occasions:
  • Honeymoons
  • Family vacations & celebrations
  • Graduation trips
  • Girls' trips (where women will feel safe)
  • Group adventures 
  • Winter holidays
  • Solo travelers
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The city offers luxurious hotels to fit any budget, opulent all-inclusive resorts, incredible food, exquisite beaches, desert excursions and adventures, theme parks, world-class shopping, and rich culture...capped by an unforgettable skyline painted with brilliant sunsets, abstract architecture and the tallest buildings in the world.

COLOUR ME DUBAI is here to dish the entire scoop based on personal journeys, to help travelers understand why Dubai is a must-see destination. We will showcase hotels and offer resources to help you determine the best accommodation to suit your needs. We'll highlight activities and offer insight on dining to help you plan what to see and do, and even help you determine what nightlife scene is best suited to your vibe.

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When you decide to make your dream to see Dubai a reality, we'll help you get started. With one click, we'll show you every travel option available to help you get around the city efficiently. We'll also share valuable travel tips, recommended do's & dont's to ensure a seamless vacation, and provide all the tools necessary to help you plan and book your Dubai holiday.

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  4. What a nice post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  5. Dubai maybe technologically progressive, but I don't think it's very socially progressive

    1. It's literally halfway around the world. It's a different part of the world, and an entirely different culture. We can't expect everywhere to be the same, or it wouldn't be worth seeing.

  6. Way cool. We spent 2 months in Nizwa, Oman, last year. About 3-4 hours to Dubai I believe but we never made the trip. I definitely plan to visit within the next few years. All the best with your new blog.

    1. Thanks Ryan. We plan to turn to you for tips!

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