The World's Most Expensive Shoes Debut in Dubai

What to get the woman who has everything...

Shoe lovers, feast your eyes on this.

Jada Dubai, a brand known exclusively for designing elegant, high-end shoes adorned with genuine precious gems, launched their latest creation on 26 September 2018 in Dubai. 

Nike Many Geos

The luxury shoe designer worked in conjunction with Passion Jewelers to create the most expensive pair of shoes on earth to date. 

The Passion Diamond Shoes, crafted of real gold, leather and silk, made their debut at the world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. Even the designer logos inside the shoes are made of a think layer of gold. A prototype of the shoes, designed and created in Italy, were on display for an audience of billionaires, media, and other VIPs.  The mouth of these pointed-toe stilletto heels are embellished with 238 rare, flawless diamonds, each set in white gold.

These beauties retail for a hefty 62.4 million dirham, GBP £13,228,304, or US $17 million. Not surprisingly, the shoes will be custom-made to ensure the perfect fit for the client once the shoes have been purchased.

If you were thinking of buying multiple pairs, you are sadly out of luck. Besides the prototype, there will only be one pair of these shoes in the world. Sorry folks.

But they make the perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries, right ladies?

What do you think of these shoes? Tell us in the comment section below!


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