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Colour Me Dubai is Looking for Global Contributors!

If you have a story or experience You would like to share about your trip to Dubai, we want to hear from you!

COLOUR ME DUBAI, the only blog dedicated exclusively to travel, tourism, and culture in Dubai, is looking for contributors from around the globe. Share your Dubai memories with the world!

We are looking for blog and vlog posts covering the following subject matter:
  • Your hotel experience. Tell us about the amenities, the customer service, pricing, distance from tourist attractions, what travel mode you used and more.
  • Tourist Attractions. Where did you go and what did you do? What did you enjoy most? Which attraction is a 'must-see'? Tell us why!
  • Food. Are you an insane foodie who takes picture of everything you eat? You are our kind of people! Share your local fare and trendy restaurant experiences, and tell us which local restaurant(s) you enjoyed most..
  • Holidays in Dubai. Have you experienced Dubai during Ramadan? Christmas? Share your photos and experiences.
  • Nightlife. Tell the world about your experiences in Dubai's legendary nightclubs. We in particular want to hear from multiple age groups. Which club has the best over 25 vibe? 18-25?
  • Best Bars. Did you find a nice, laid-back little spot to have a drink? Tell us about it! 
  • Hospitality. Your positive experiences with the local Emirati culture.
  • Shopping. Did you find great deals? Have tips on negotiating at the souks? Tell us!
  • Other relevant topics. Topics include culture, architecture, living in Dubai and more! Share your personal stories, travel tips, recommendations and memorable experiences.

You will be asked to provide supporting  media to accompany your post(s), which can include photos, video and/or other media.

Please note this is not a paid position. We want to partner with new and veteran writers looking to expand brand awareness, and even ordinary people who simply love to travel. Your posts will have links to your blog or site, and all your social media accounts. You will be given appropriate journalistic and  photo/media credit, so please provide your own original work, photos, videos, etc.  

In some cases (like for our non-English speaking contributors), content may be edited for grammar.

Please note we do not discuss people, unless we're talking celebrity sightings, like Nick Cannon, who was recently there filming an action movie. If anyone saw him, we definitely want to know!

Otherwise, we refrain from discussing negative news, people or politics. We are all about the beauty, history, culture and tourism of one of the most incredible cities in the world.

If you are interesting in becoming a Colour Me Dubai contributor, use the CONTACT form to let us know.


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